When working with Diamond Star Media, you have the power to incorporate incredible digital solutions into your business and advertising campaigns. Our goal is to strengthen and empower your company’s promotional efforts and provide measurable results, giving you the greatest results. If your goal is online success, we can get you there through a variety of proven methods and services. Using the robust and flexible tools we've developed, you can better engage your audience while effectively building a new customer base and further increasing brand recognition throughout the Web. Diamond Star also offers an impressive suite of cutting-edge marketing solutions including Digital Signage & Plasma Targeting, Display Advertising, Video Production and Media Buying & Planning.

Brand Recognition

From web, print, broadcast, to street media, our graphic design team has the power to transform minds, brands and even bottom lines. Our ads will engage customers and move them to action. Once again, we sell the sizzle along with the steak. This is important in any business for customer retention and brand loyalty.

Digital Signage / Plasmas

Many businesses have invested heavily in digital signage throughout their venue, but often lack the quality content to get the full value from the equipment. Diamond Star Media creates visually pleasing 3D environments that follow your brand through targeted media campaigns. Our animated advertisements are designed to quickly catch the eyes of your customers and keep them informed, active and loyal. Our focus is to drive repeat visiting to your venue with an increased share of customer wallet.

Media Buying and Planning

Diamond Star media works within your budget to create a customized package that maximizes your ROI.  Utilizing a multi-dimensional media combination, brings balance and visibility to all segments and levels of your market.  In addition to traditional advertising such as television, radio and print, Diamond Star Media also combines other media options such as:


Display Advertising is a cost-effective and fast-growing placement strategy designed to:

  • Target and reach potential guests effectively
  • Maximize brand awareness
  • Engage guests
  • Create a memorable brand experience
  • Facilitate e-commerce
  • Provide quantifiable results

Utilizing the approximately 13 hours per week the average person spends browsing the internet allows us to position our clients in front of potential guests in real-time. Instant gratification opportunities are created to send the guest directly to your business.


Diamond Star Media approaches each project with a fresh sense of innovation and proactive involvement. We are experts in design and deployment of high impact expandable banners and rich media.  

Our trade secrets attract highly targeted web users to your brand to establish a consistent relationship regardless of where they are online.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Optimization

Consistent optimization ensures your target audience will find you first. Creativity and performing inventory maximization are cornerstones of Diamond Star Media's role in your key markets. 

Diamond Star Media is an agile team player, delivering and reviewing optimization and performance of the display opportunity. Communication via conference calls or more personal site visits allow Diamond Star Media to stay in step with changes in your business environment and act decisively to take advantage of timely opportunities for innovation and adaptation of your organization.

Online Marketing Strategy

We know you have many goals and target audiences to reach. We help make this a reality by combining search engine marketing, QR (quick response) codes, email marketing, social media, e-commerce, and online advertising. Every company can benefit from different Online Marketing Strategies. At Diamond Star Media we will work with you for all your online marketing needs.


Analytics are not just for gathering web traffic information but is used for marketing and business research. With analytics we can measure the results of a marketing campaign or website update to determine the popularity trend and increase in traffic. With analytics we can see the trends in website traffic, when people visit and what pages drive more traffic. This information is used to seek opportunities and to achieve higher sales. Let Diamond Star Media work with you for your analytic needs.

Social Media

Extend your business marketing efforts by making contact real-time with your customers. Through our efforts, we can actively target customers through their interests, activities, location, age, gender and other demographics. Your messages will be exposed to your target audience, when you want it, and without the high cost of “traditional” marketing expenses. Social media is the new frontier of consumer marketing, and Diamond Star Media has the experience of maximizing the benefits from this medium.

Video Production

Diamond Star Media’s studios produce top-quality video at a fraction of the price as traditional video production giants. Our shoots are produced using innovative methods to help leverage your investment in production costs. We save you time, money and assist in streamlining the editing and production approval process through a combination of green screen and live venue shoots where needed. We produce broadcast quality videos in both on-air and web-ready formats that can be leveraged through your website, digital signage, social media, or traditional media outlets.

Web Design and Development

Your website is a critical component to building relationships with your customers while they are away from your venue. We can optimize and re-design your website to drive more traffic both to the website and your venue. Our clients have benefited from immediate results from our concepts based on over 30 years combined experience in web-site design and development for the gaming, dining, retail, hospitality, and non-profit industries.

Mobile Websites

As a natural extension to your website, we develop mobile functionality as an added tool for direct response and measurement of customer interaction. Mobile websites are a new and vital tool in efforts to build relationships and stay in touch with customers.