Spain Casino Partners with U.S. Based Marketing Agency

Gran Casino Costa Brava, recognized as one of the top tourism attractions of Spain, has announced a new strategic marketing partnership with Diamond Star Media LLC, a U.S. based advertising agency with offices in New York City and Providence, RI, to launch a new marketing campaign. Joining forces enables Gran Casino to capitalize upon Diamond Star Media’s experience in casino resort marketing and operations.  Diamond Star Media is positioned as one of the leading providers of media and marketing solutions to casinos and other leisure type companies. Partnering with Gran Casino Costa Brava, the largest casino in Spain and one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Europe, Diamond Star Media is committed and looking forward to this new venture.

Gran Casino’s new marketing campaign will be developed to include several key features designed to strengthen brand awareness and reinforce Gran Casino’s foothold as one of Europe’s premiere attractions. These components include new media strategies, strategic database and CRM campaign assessments, social media integration, a major website redesign, web marketing initiatives, digital media, search engine marketing and optimization.

Gianfranco Scordato, CEO of Gran Casino, welcomes the new partnership and the notable bump in marketability his casino will likely receive via the upcoming campaign. A gaming executive with a wide range of history in numerous aspects of casino operation, Scordato will oversee the implementation of Diamond Star Media’s marketing campaign while making sure the new partnership is constantly working towards the achievement of Gran Casino’s essential philosophies, strategies and objectives.

John Diamantakos, chairman of Diamond Star Media, is confident these components, when implemented into an aggressive new marketing campaign, will assist Gran Casino Costa Brava in achieving their next rung of profitability.  Diamond Star Media is the purveyor of “CultureCARE”, a trademarked set of principles that can be applied to any casino property in the world and deliver profitable results.  “The term ‘CultureCARE’ is our benchmark,” John says.  “It not only helps us acquire new customers, but also provides a dynamic virtual experience connecting the guest to the property.  Included are strategies for repeat visitation, loyalty development and excellence in friendly, personalized customer service.”

Backed by its creative and technical teams, John Diamantakos and Diamond Star Media look forward to their new marketing partnership and the various phases of Gran Casino Costa Brava’s new marketing campaign. The casinos new media strategies will all be meticulously designed and coordinated to play a crucial role in increasing Gran Casino Costa Brava’s role as a dominant brand both locally and internationally. If the individual histories of these two companies are any indication of a successful partnership in the gaming industry, one might be inclined to suggest a safe bet.